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Some Hong Kong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success Graphs📈

SEO Expert Client Success Story
Ranked a website from Scratch in just 3 months
client SEO Success by Aditya Aman - SEO Expert
Increased Organic Traffic by 300% in just 8 months

SEO Services in Hong Kong


Technical SEO Audit

Find and fix all the technical errors which hinders organic growth of a website. 


On-Page Optimization

Get titles, meta tags, urls in order. Let CTR (Click-Through Rate) improve and hence traffic & sales.


Link Building

Let me do the outreach process to acquire links which will help your keyword to rank better.


eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is not so different. I focus on design, user experience, Analytics, technical problems and link building to grow online stores ROI.

Digital Marketing Services in Hong Kong


Data Analytics

Audit and setup Data Analytics including Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Ads.


Paid Ads

Get your product/service in front of your targeted audiences. Will help create custom audiences to reach your business goal.


Lead Generation

Depending on your business goal, I’ll help you generate quality leads through Organic, Social & Web Scraping.


Content Writing

Premium content writing services to increase your brand visibility and search traffic.

How to choose between a freelancer or a Digital Agency?

Hiring an SEO or Digital Marketing Freelancer vs. Hiring an Agency is an arguable question you must ask.

  • Depending on how big the project is and how much effort it takes you can decide whether to hire an SEO Expert / Digital Marketing Freelancer or an Agency.

  • Another point to consider is your BUDGET. Typically agencies cost a lot and there are legit factors behind it i.e Office rent/ co-working space rent, employees salary etc.

  • Expertise. Most agencies have overall knowledge of Digital Marketing while individual freelancers like me focus on one to two major areas. Mine are SEO & Data Analytics.

  • Agencies work on a retainer fees while, with me you can start and pause your project anytime you want. No strings attached!

  • Testimonials

    Projects & Experience

    What Brand & Companies, I have worked with?

    SEO Expert & Consultant

    Nov 2018- October 2019

    * 3x traffic in 8 months from 6.7K to 19.8K (now)
    * Improved Organic Traffic Conversion Rate (Organic Goal Conversion Rate by 26.02% while Paid Traffic GCR 16.82%)
    *Wrote blogs which receive more than 10% of the web traffic.
    *Improved Homepage CTR from 1.6 to 4.1 (2.5 %) in just one month.
    *Targeted buyer keywords in page

    E-commerce SEO Specialist (Part-time)

    May 2019- Dec 2019

    * Keyword research & mapping
    * Content Planning
    * Structured navigational URLs for better UX
    * Optimized Shopify Website for organic traffic
    *Increased Collection Pages CTR 
    * Suggested Changes for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Founder & Blogger

    April 2017- Present

    Career is a Hospitality blog which I created back in 2016 and I try to connect with the Hotel Interns/ Graduates to gather their experiences in Hotel Industry and I believe that is one of the major consideration of the fellow students who wish to pursue their career in Hospitality. Till now I have gathered more than 6.5 K Followers on my Facebook Blog page with a larger demographics.

    SEO Specialist

    Connected web with Analytics & Search Console
    Optimized Old Blogs for SEO
    Drove 100% traffic from 20-600 visitors in just 1 month
    Improved CTR by 37% in just one month
    Successfully recovered from Google Penalty 

    SEO Expert & Paid Advertiser

    Dec 2018- May 2019

    Working on Improving Organic Results
    Ranked “Social Media Agency” in top 5 results for PRDA
    Ranked “Digital Agency” in top 10 for PRDA Asia
    Creating & implementing strategies for capturing new leads
    Worked on Agile and Zoho CRM for Marketing Automation
    Paid Media Advertiser for both Facebook & Instagram Platforms

    Digital Marketing Intern

    • Worked on the creation of Contents for Blog, Website and Social Media Promos.
    • Worked as a member in Social Media Marketing Team of Sennheiser.
    • Maintained Social Media and Planned contents for RED² Business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
    • Worked on the creation of Social Media Optimization Playbook.
    • Drove new followers to company’s Instagram and Facebook
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