What Are Open Graph Tags and How to implement it on WordPress?

OG Tags or Open Graph tags same as Titter cards help your website to choose what content should be shown when a link is shared on Facebook or Twitter.

What kind of Open Graph Tags are available?

  • og:title – This contains the title of your page, content, object etc
  • og:site_name – This contains the name of your website
  • og:description – This you may consider as the meta-description for social media. This one is critical as if written well it can improve your Click-Through-Rate
  • og:type – The type of content. Think of these as categories, hotel, blog, article etc. Full list of Open Graph types.
  • og:image – This contains the image for the URL you wanted to show for the content. Images must be either PNG, JPEG and GIF formats and at least 50px by 50px.
  • og:url – The URL for the content

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How to implement Open Graph (OG) tags in WordPress?

The simplest way to implement Open Graph Tags is by using one of your favorite WordPress Plugin (Yoast or Rank Math SEO). If you don’t have the plugin installed yet then download it from here (Yoast, RankMath)

For any published post or page, you can add Open Graph Tag or Twitter Card editing the page.

In Yoast:

Scroll down to Yoast SEO Score and click on the Social tab, it allows editing for Facebook & Twitter.

open graph tags setting in Yoast

In Facebook, title tags, description, and an image can be added by Yoast.

Yoast OG tags for Facebook

Same is for Twitter Cards

Yoast Twitter Cards

In Rank Math Plugin:

Scroll down to the bottom and click social

open graph tags setting in Rank Math Plugin

The Plugin allows changing the Title, Description and the image as you like it to be. Rank Math also allows adding icon overlay to the thumbnail which can help increase your CTR on Facebook and Twitter by adding a Play icon or Gif in the Thumbnail. However, it clearly shows this warning:

Please be careful with this option. Although this option will help increase CTR on Facebook, it might get you penalised if over-used.

Now to you, did you learned what are OG tags and how to implement it?

Let me know if anything unclear ^^ in the comment box.

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